1. Cut a 2 to 3-feet  piece of yarn. Set aside for later.
  2. Start wrapping the other yarn around the object. Keep going round and round (I went around about 200 times for this particular pom-pom, but you can decide how full you want your pom-pom – also, some yarns will be thicker than others).
  3. Once you are finished wrapping, pull the yarn bundle off of the cereal box.

  1. Stretch well the yarn
  2. Place the yarn bundle on top (centered) of the long piece of yarn from step 1.
  3. Tie a knot around the yarn bundle – make sure the knot is tight

  1. Find the long pom-pom strings and keep a hold of them (so they don’t get cut in the process)
  2. Use your scissors to cut through the loops of the yarn bundle.
  3. Once you have all the loops cut, all the pom-pom needs is a haircut. Start trimming away to make your pom-pom look pretty.

Thanks to  http://stik.in/pompons


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